Friday, November 19, 2010

Chokin' Up a Bit

As I am getting closer to take off time, I find the frequency of chokin' up and getting teary eyed is rising dramatically.

I often run off for a week or two many times during the year, but never have I been away from my daughter, Indigo,  for 3 months - a quarter of the year.  Of all the challenges I may face, missing my little sweetheart may nearly killing me.  Indigo will be turning 11 years old just days after I leave.   We will be spending the previous weekend at a condo in Steamboat enjoying Strawberry Park Hot Springs with her friend for an early birthday celebration and it will be the last time I will see her until spring.  (excuse me while I dry my eyes again)

I am so grateful that I have such an amazing little girl, mature beyond her years, that understands that daddy is called to live a life of adventure and excitement.   Even with her wholehearted blessings, I am going to miss her more that I've missed anybody in my life.  I love you Indigo!

This journey would never happen without the support of Indigo's mother, Tree, whom I dearly love and will miss as well.  As one of my closest friends and a great parental  co-conspirator, Tree is gracious enough to take on the role of a single parent for 3 months.  I cannot thank you enough.  (especially if you take care of our cat and plants too)

Although I will not miss working, I find there is a bond created with the people you work closely with.  Hell, we sometimes spend more of our waking life with them then anyone else.  I've been friends with my boss from even before I got him a job at Viawest 11 years ago.  I totally dig my team and will probably go through some weird withdrawal.  (hope I don't freak out and call into a video conference just to hear their voices.  Anyway, I'll be missing my peeps at Viawest.

My elder daughter, Blythe, lives outside LA working on getting here career started now that she's finished school at Boston U.  We already have a nutty communication schedule or should I say a lack of one.  We love each other and have a healthy friendship, but don't need to prop it up with much communication.  We can easily go 3 months without saying a word to each other as it is and we are totally comfortable with it.  Hell, if I didn't tell her about this trip, she would probably not notice I was checked out.  Even though we don't directly interact in each others lives there is something about being on the complete other side of the earth with a vast ocean separating us that seems like I will energetically miss Blythe.  (she will probably be the only person  reading this blog - ironically giving us the opportunity to be more in touch than normal)

My parents are very concerned for my well being on this trip and that is putting very lightly.  I receive articles nearly every other day outlining the dangers that await us at many of our destinations - even the ones you'd think they know I would never be involved in.  I'm not sure why I'm getting warned about growing problems with child prostitution in Cambodia.  I can't imagine they think that when I'm searching for a hooker in the back ally of some 3rd would country that I need to be conscious of checking the drivers license for their age.  I guess my point about my parent is... I will miss them very much as well  and at the same time I will be in constant communication with them via email to ease their worried minds.  Anytime I have some sort of interweb connectivity I will be updating then on my health and whereabouts.   Maybe I'll take pictures of the older prostitutes to cheer up my 82 year old father.

Finally, I am amazingly fortunate to be surrounded by and engaged in the lives of so many wonderful friends.  There are people in our community that I see weekly while other less often and I'm sure I will be holding them all in my heart as I trek around the other side of the earth.  Ever since I was a child I found my friendships to be my lifeblood. You are the reflection that allows me to understand myself and the greatest vehicle for growth... and just about the funnest frickin' crew of people in the world.  I know we will all be celebrating life together no matter where we are.  And with that I say - "so long suckers!"

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