Monday, November 15, 2010

What to Pack

Got to go lighter than ever. I always overpack. Most of those are for trips under two weeks and to places where I didn't need to tote if about. 3 months of living out of a bag. I have to remember that I can buy most anything I need.

I normally wear cotton loose things that all come from where Im heading. I could fly out in my under ware and buy everything in Bangkok including the Thai wrap pants which is what I'd bring if they it weren't shredded.

The only clothing I specifically bought for the trip is a pair of Keens for my feet. They don't really look as cool as I like, but comfort and versatility win. Thinking about throwing in my flipflops as well. I'll start with one pari of pants,Pacha Play Pants, that you can roll up to make shorts. My speedo trunks. A wrap/scarf. Avatar jacket. Couple shirts, probably from India originally. Three pair of socks and a ton of under ware.

Got a basic first aid kit, earplugs, headlamp, travel towel and sleep liner (to keep the bed bugs away), universal sink stopper, and drying cord. That whole bit is small and light. If this is all I bring then I will be traveling light.

I thought i might try and rough it as far as technology goes. My first purchase we a kindle digital book reader. I figured it would be better than lugging around five lonely planets and a bunch of other reading. Next I bought a new camera, Canon G10. My crappy point and click camera is getting repaired for the third time and I have no confidence it will not crap out on this trip. After, looking up flights, train schedules, hotel sites, and just good old basic information on the interweb, I realized I might save the that crazy time resource by purchasing an iPad. Along with my phone which I hope to not use except as my alarm clock I will be carrying a bunch of electric cables and chargers and shit.

I think getting the iPad is the reason I'll even be blogging.

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