Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Upon our meeting, Asiana and I always talked about our dreams of checking out parts of the world we have not seen.  I have been drawn to visit Southeast Asia, more specifically Cambodia for more than a decade.  Asiana, being a Yoga facilitator, body worker, and into Ayurveda, has held experiencing India close to her heart for a long time. 

A year ago we started taking action to make this journey manifest.  On December 6 2010 we are flying out of Colorado to travel for 3 months to India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.  If we have the resources we will be attempting to sneak into Nepal and maybe kick it in Bali before heading home.

I'm starting this blog (my first blog ever) more as a journal of this journey rather than a broadcast for everyone.  (look what I can do!)  I'd like to track where I've been and what I did and since I cannot count on my memory to retain much these days it looks like blogging is the answer. 

Once again I seem short of understanding my intentions of this trip.  Just to "check shit out" seems pretty weak.  Yet, expecting some monumental transformation in my entire spiritual being is a bit assuming.  At this point my intentions are directed on how I hope to work with the entire movement.  I hope to be adventurous.  I hope to be accepting.  I hope to see the beauty in the small and mundane. I hope to be patient (not just act patient but feel patient).  I hope to be understanding, open minded, and graceful collaborating with my beloved travel partner, Asiana.  I hope I can remember to be grateful for the opportunity, grateful for the experience, and grateful for existence at every step of the journey.  In the end, I hope to win!

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