Friday, March 4, 2011

Double Dive on Turtle Island

We dove with the one other dive shop that is here in our bay, Black Tip Diving. Not only were their boats still floating, but it was the target shop we were aiming for when choosing this part of the island and the crew was super sweet.

I understand that at this time of year this side of Thailand has poorer visibility, while our other dives in Kho Phi Phi had the clear water. This switches each season. While it is true, the visibility is poorer than I have experienced, the marine life is abundant. The great heads of coral are loaded with creatures that must have been an inspiration for many of Jim Henson's Muppets. Florescent pom-pom mops would retreat into their holes and large purple mouth monsters would purse their psychedelic lips when we got too close for their comfort. There is even the excitement of swimming with trigger fish, who will aggressively attack when you enter their territory. Again, the wonderful variety here makes up for the more limiting visibility and we were thrilled to spend the day under the water in the "other world".

We have a couple more days here at a perfect bay to soak up our trip and digest the journey. The next real bed we sleep in will not be for four days while we navigate our way back to Colorado. Grateful as ever!

Location:Ko Tao Thailand

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