Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Last Call

This is our last call... or at least our last port of call on our three month trip through much of Asia. We could not have landed at a more perfect bay to spend the last few days of our journey decompressing. Tanote Bay, is a little cove on the east side of Ko Tao. It has maybe five different outfits letting simple bungalows. Each has it's own cafe-resturants-bar and dive shop. Lush hills surround the private white sand beach bookended by sets of large granite rock and a and handful of boulders peaking out of the ocean.

We were dropped off before sunrise. In fact, before anything had risen. The sun came up then slowly some of boys setting up the the days SCUBA dive started dragging tanks out to the boats. I don't know if we have had a quieter morning the whole trip.

Each place had available rooms, mostly decent huts up the hills and back in the forest, but we got extra lucky when a bungalow just under the trees on the beach became vacant. We got the best spot in the best spot. Later, as people came down to the beach, we were complimented on our luck getting the perfect blugalow - barring a Tsunami of course.

Ko Tao is known for it's world class diving which we planned on signing up for, but after renting some snorkel gear to flipper around the bay, we were blown away. Expecting a few fish zipping around the rock, we were thrilled to find a complete coral reef loaded with amazing aquatic life. There was a huge array of fish. So many different colors and types we could have stayed out there the whole day. I took three different trips out. This beats a lot of the dive sites I've ever been to. I think we ordered the perfect drink for last call.

Location:Ko Tao Thailand

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