Friday, March 4, 2011


I am so grateful to have had is opportunity to travel. I have been amazingly supported by my family and work. I am totally looking forward to getting home and squeezing Indigo, hanging out with my parents, playing with my friends, and visiting Blythe. At the same time I wonder when will I get more.

Isn't that just like me. So fortunate to taste part of the world and wanting to eat more. It feels weird to be perfectly content with such a wonderful life and still looking forward to what is next. Satisfied but always wanting. I suppose the day I don't want more is the day I cease to exist.

I have run across many youngsters from around the world spending huge amounts of time roaming foreign lands. Emailing grandma to get another couple hundred bucks to stretch their journey another month or two - another country or two. I laugh at myself when I think, "I wish I could do that", followed by, "I did that - I traveled and resided around the world from ages 13 to 21 - thanks mom and dad".

I have seen many retired folks. Spending six months here and six months there. Happy to be warm - happy to be on the water. Maybe I'll get to do that too.

There are families that just saved up, packed up and decided to spend a few years camped on the beach or at a cottage on a river. Do I have to wait another ten years, twenty years to do this again? How about the people I know that never do this - never have the opportunity? How about all the people I don't know who's country I just traveled through. Most never leave their country. Plenty never venture beyond their village or island. Do they want more?

Can I be the most spoiled person in the world, blessed with everything I ever wanted and also be the most grateful and still want more? Does that work?

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