Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's All the Buzz About?

The slow chat-chat-chat gains speed. As the tempo quickens, the staccato chirps morph into a hum. The forests here have an insect that creates a hum that can be almost deafening. It sounds like some sort of locust or jungle cricket. I have not seen one in action, but I feel it is a type of beetle. At moments there are hundreds of going off. When one starts, it's slow engine takes some revving up to catch up to the group hum. When it has joined the others the stereo drone is so heavy the thick with frequency it feels like it could lift you off the ground.

These little guys react to changes in light. They strike up the band over and over as clouds pass. The dusk and dawn have symphonies extraordinare surrounding the bungalow. At the first hint of light you are lifted into the trees as these insects call you awake to watch the sunrise.

Location:Ko Tao Thailand

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