Saturday, January 8, 2011

And....Asiana's blog moment, on India

I have sat across from Xilla many a moment while he wrote...then I would proof read his amazing ramblings. Yes, always inspired and always blurbing forth with my thoughts. So, here I am now...wanting to share and remember from Me. Thoughts on India...

Ahhhhh, India, a land of so many flavors indeed! As we floated through the backwaters of Kerela yesterday, witnessing how these village people live and flourish with their coconut farms where they make coconut oil, spice they make rope with the fibers of coconut husk and so much more. I also had the opportunity to really kick back and let our trip permeate through my system. As this is our last day in India, there is a sweetness, full of gratitude as I say goodbye India...for now.

What I am so struck by, endlessly wowed by, and deeply moved and inspired by are the people. All the incredible people from Nepal all the way South to Kerela, India. These people, for the most part, are so utterly comfortable in their bodies. So at ease in there skin. This shows me how connected they are through root source. Root chakra. No matter what they are doing, being, there is a deep easefulness in it. From the beggars, to the shop keepers, to the women bathing and doing laundry in the river, to the men fishing and bathing, to the men and women cooking and defecating, to the children wide eyed and curious with their bindi marks on their forehead...all are so at ease. I can only presume living in such close quarters with each other, sharing everything, seeing everything, people here are not hiding any of it, it's all right there. Whether I want to see it or not, there it is. This is so much different than many of the awkward encounters I have come across in the west, trying to guess the meaning of words, or the intonation. Even in talking with those who want something from us here, they have it down to a tea, really brilliantly working the psychology of it - this is where the practice of being in my center is so supportive, so I can as ease fully and truthfully respond. What a gift!

There is definitely a different vibration that exists in each state here, but, there is this underlying current of steadiness. In all the chaos, there is a currant of perseverance that shows up in the people, perhaps it's because they have practiced and repeated the same rituals for over 5000 years, perhaps it's because this land still holds the remnants of temples, of carvings, engrained in the earth, to their bodies. Perhaps its because the blood line has remained somewhat pure in comparison to the melting pot of the west, perhaps all of it and so much more. And whatever it is, it is an honor to be here and receive the transmission of this India! So much Love.

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