Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting to know Kochi

We arose early, packed up, checked out, and moved our camp to our new guest house. We missed morning yoga, but stayed at the nearby shop for chai and chatted with other travelers. We realized making future plan that included the nest few day in Kochi and out departure from India.

We strolled along the shore by the fish market observing the the technique using chinese fishnets. We took in most of the sites in the town made up of mostly old european churches including the old Dutch area. It's a get town to walk around in despite all the pressure to take tuk-tuk tours.

We are using the afternoon to take care of the business of doing some laundry, emailing, setting up a backwater trip, and getting flights to Bangkok. Enjoying the peace this pose is give us to to it.

Location:Loch India

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