Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Long Train to Balgeluru (Banglore)

The distance on the map didn't seem like the train from Hospet to Bangaluru would require fifteen hours, but India is a big country and a glance at the map can be deceiving.

Our train took off at 1:30 pm heading north, the opposite direction. It hit every single village for the next couple of hours until it stopped for an hour at Belleny. When it started moving again it went toward where we came from. After few more hours and plenty of stops we ended up just outside of our original starting point near Hampi. I even talked to a kid through the window that I chatted with earlier in the day. So there was a reason why the trip was five hours longer than it needed.

It's now 2:30 am and I cannot sleep. It's a bit hot for my thick blood and while the train is not moving it's sweltering enough to keep me from going under. The rest of the passengers whom seem relatively cold this time of year and are bundled up in blankets and are not allowing me to keep a fan on. It's not too bad if we a moving. There is some circulation that keeps dankness cooler and maybe keep the Mosquitos at bay. The only problem is that this train only moves for about one third of the time. It seems like it sits stopped for 20 or 30 minutes then gets moving to top speed in 5 minutes only to hit the brakes for another stop. Basically, this train sits and does nothing much more than it moves.

I'm learning. Book all your trains in advance. Get at least a class 3 sleeper. Pick the express lines. I'm sure I'll find out more rules but I have not found all the discomforts just yet.


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