Friday, January 21, 2011

SaiGoing SaiGoing Saigon

Okay, I know I used the same play on words while departing Goa, but a bad joke only gets better with repetition. I know this because I'm a very funny man.

We are taking another night bus to Nha Trang to get out of the city and kick it on the beach. Gotta take a vacation from vacation. A few days of walking through Saigon in the heat warrants some beach time. Lonely Planet warned about the traffic and honking here saying it was intense, but I think they may have not been to northern India yet.

There is a calm zen that drips over you when crossing busy intersections here. You can walk slowly into the middle of the bustling traffic and the mopeds just swerve around you as if you were a large boulder in the middle of a river. Every step is a leap of faith. Don't bother looking cuz you'll psyche yourself out. Just pretend there is nobody there and all will be fine.


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