Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kochi of Kerala

We arrived with the midday sun to Fort Kochi in the south of India. We were worn out from the journey here and happy to be in a quaint slow moving fishing village where most of the afternoon is shut down. I think there is kind of a global siesta around the world when you are within the tropics.

We decided to try our first real budget room on this trip and checked into a hot hole for 300 rupees a night ($7.59). You get what you pay for and we didn't get much. The one thing you really want here is a ceiling fan which we had, but the polarity was wrong and the wiring had it spinning the wrong way pushing the air away from us. On our evening walk we found a ten dollar much nicer place that we booked for the following three nights.

In the evening we attended a concert at the only theater in town enjoying a beautiful trio playing Indian ragas with at the tabla, violin, and ganjeera. The sounds they made were absolutely moving. The Kathakai theater has many different shows during the week as well as morning yoga. We made plans to make a day at Kathakali for morning yoga, morning meditations (sitar music with tabla)', and an dance performance.

We retired early into the thick empty heat box we had for the night.

Location:Kochi India

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