Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Travel Companions and Many Languages

Outside of Hampi, we really did not connect much with other travelers in India, but once we reached Bangkok we have had the opportunity to hang out with many Backpackers. I found that all the languages that I once knew (at least a little) is proving to come back a bit and it has been fun communicating.

I exercised my German heavily in Bangkok chatting a lot with a group of young Austrians. The man who ran out hotel in Siam Reap only spoke French. A crew of Brazilians hung out with us on and off for the last four days moving from Thailand thru Cambodia. I have been able to keep up with understanding what everyone is saying, but so much vocabulary has faded I have a hard time speaking without eventually switching back to English. In fact my Portuguese and French is all but gone unless I'm reading it.

Our crazy border crossing into Cambodia brought that bus load together tightly. Most of us ended up staying at the same guest house and we all when out as a group a few nights. The Brazilian boys were a blast. Young, handsome, and highly energetic travelers, they were out until the sun came up nearly every night. These charmers had stories of their earlier adventures that all ended up getting into skirmishes with the local youngsters, yet we still decided to join them for a pint of two leaving before it got too late and before any brawl took shape.

We have also hooked up with another great travel companion who is from Colorado. We have shared tuk-tuks, buses, boats, meals, and drinks with him. He is a long distance runner who privately entered a marathon in Brazil only to win it by more than four hours beating all the famous international favorites. He was immediately picked up by Soloman who is sponsoring him to race in Australia and China this year. His plans on traveling throughout southeast Asia is being cut short by his success so he has joined us on the last leg of his journey before flying back home from Saigon to start training. He lived in here for over a month and has a lot of good travel info about Vietnam and Laos. It has been a pleasure traveling with him and we look forward to seeing him back in Colorado.

Location:Saigon Vietnam

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