Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hampi 2011

I set the alarm for 6am only to find that two hours of sleep was not enough even with the strong drive to see the sunrise on the first day of the year. Our second effort at 10am worked much better. I find out later that the the rest of those with us the night before didn't make it out until after noon on Jan1.

After breakfast we took off to get a closer looks are the ruins scattered about the area. Our first stop brought us to a handful of rock temples on a hill overlooking the village. People in India had been asking if Asiana and I were friends after not seeing any rings on our fingers. Although we are not married, we found it's easier to let them know that we are married. The young men are very aggressive here especially if I step away from sight. Telling everyone that we are husband and wife feels like it helps - a least with confusion. We thought we would buy some rings to back up the fib and after ascending "sunset hill" we exchanged matching silver bands with the inscription Om Namah Shivaya on our sixth anniversary.

I would like to report that we had a full day of sightseeing, but the night before left us a bit weakened and the afternoon heat ushered us into an early dinner and early bedtime. I set my alarm for 6am again with the intention to make a full day in Hampi.

Location:Hampi India

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