Saturday, February 5, 2011

Best Day Ever Also

Next Day:

... kept the motorbike.
Picked a different road heading out of town and cruised up it into the hills.
Found another waterfall.
Hiked through the jungle.
Road back to town.
BeerLao on the beach.
Ran into the super fun Brazilians we met in Cambodia.
Received a Lao massage.
Wine at our favorite french restaurant.
Dinner and cocktails at Utopia.

We have moved so fast on our travels and knew we were not really going to get time to "sink in". This method allows you to check a lot of things out, but it's hard to get a good feel for a place. All the downloads we've had from others was that Laos is a great place to take some time in. So we are - and it's the best place we could have chosen to slow down in. After a week in Luang Phrabang having multiple days with both bikes and a motorbike, it feels so good to know a place - at least be very comfortably familiar with it all.

I know Asiana would agree, LP is top notch. Very grateful for a week here.

Location:LP Laos

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