Thursday, February 10, 2011

Still Stinkin'

For the first few weeks of this journey I kept saying to myself, "My clothes are so sick of me" - my way of being bothered by having a wardrobe of two pants, one long sleeve shirt, two sleeveless shirts, and a skirt...

... but after a short bit I have thought nothing of wearing the same threads for a week. My clothes and I are one and we smell bad. Nothing new for me.

My early laundry days consisted in letting my stuff soak in the sink or a bucket of soap, ringing the dark water out, maybe repeat if the water was black, rinse, and dry. Slapping my clothes repeatedly against a rock in the Ganges, while kind of fun sounding never made it on my itinerary.

In SE Asia nearly every guesthouse has a laundry service. Two dollars and half a day later my two outfits are ready to rock again and it cost me less than my electric bill running a load at home.

I still stink, however...

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