Sunday, February 27, 2011

Final Tour of PP Island

At dawn we headed up a path that lead to a series of viewpoints that overlook the island. While there are hundreds of people that make the hike to watch sunset each evening there were only a handful of souls hearty enough to wake up and catch sunrise. This works well for us. At viewpoint 2 we had some coffee. At viewpoint 3 there was only us and a hammock. It's amazing how easy time goes by when just gazing... gazing... gazing...

We followed some signs that directed us through a maze of trail in the forest that advertised a remote bay. It eventually took us down a very steep hill on the other side of the island. When we arrived we found a perfect quiet secluded beach with a smattering of bungalows, a cafe, and a bar. The only way to get here was take the crazy hike or by boat. Had we known this was here we would have resided on this side of the island away from the crowds.

We enjoyed breakfast and wrestled with the idea of moving to this beach for a few days rather than head to the other side of Thailand. This is what we were looking for and it seemed funny that we were going to travel for days elsewhere to find it.

In the end we scrambled all the way back, packed up our stuff in time for checkout and hopped on a boat to take us back to the mainland. We already had our ticket for departure and just over a week left on our journey. Might as well check out a few other places before calling it quits.

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