Thursday, February 3, 2011

Culinary Cross Roads

I have avoided eating meat during this trip, not because I am the strictest vegetarian as much as it looked scary, especially in India. My disappointment with the lack of variety in Vietnam prompted me to go out on a culinary limb and start ordering Pho (noodles with meats) and everything they served from the sea. I didn't want to move through a country and miss out on it's claim to fame.

LP, on the other hand, is at. culinary crossroads. The French, whom are still abundant here, left a good impression in the kitchen. We have spent whole days hopping from one restaurant to another dining on everything available including peanut butter and fruit crepes and cocktails mixed with the famous Lao rice whiskey. We have found Indian food, Thai cuisine, Malaysian treats, French wine, and traditional Lao eats like water buffalo soup. If all else fails, there is Italian pastas and pizzas. Our tummies are in heaven.

Location:LP Laos

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