Monday, February 14, 2011

Switching Gears

This journey has been an amazingly powerful exercise for the brain. Going from one country to the next and then sometime returning get the gears in your head hopping around. There is no automatic shifting and the clutch is sticky sometimes. I don't know how many different languages we have learned to say " hello" and "thank you" in, but quite often our immediate response has been in a language from one or two countries ago. "oops - i think I just gave them a thank you in Vietnamese". We have also worked with seven different currencies. I have mis-calculated the price a few times. The most recent brain twist was returning to driving on the left in Thailand. Riding a motorbike in Vietnam and Laos was not a problem, but simple cycling around a city Thailand make you stay on your game. As long as we stick to saying things incorrectly and losing a dollar on occasion I think it is probably a healthy brain exercise... just take it slow and look all directions when roaming the streets.

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