Monday, February 14, 2011

Bop on Down to Bali

Tuk-tuk to the airport, flight to Bangkok, flight to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, flight to Bali... now I'm real hot!

It might seem silly to go to Bali for just a week, but I justify it when i think of all the trips I take to Mexico for a week. So while I'm on this part of the globe I thought I'd check it out.

Asiana and I have been traveling for over two months. It has been great and we have worked amazingly well together. For Valentines Day I gave her the gift of my absence as I got up at 6am and rode off. It is a bitter-sweet sensation. I already miss my traveling companion, yet I know it is good for us to be solo for a bit. You can get so use to having two people make all decisions big and small and it feels weird to be using only one brain.

I think that I tend to direct what we do on a macro level... what country and city we are heading to next. Asiana tends to work with the micro decisions like where we stay and where we eat. It feels strange to step out of the airport without standing around deciding the next course of action. I could pick a bungalow without caring if it has a bathroom and I am less concerned about the price. There is no walking by restaurant after restaurant looking at menus. "This place has beer and pastries - good enough for me".

At the same time I am sure Asiana does not have to work with the pressure of me standing by the road impatiently while she shops. She can take her time in the mornings without feeling rushed. It is quite apr├Ęs peu that she is taking it relatively easy staying a pleasant town in northern Thailand while I remain on the move biking from town to town south of the equator.

I love her and miss her and am thankful we are giving each other these individual experiences.

Location:Ubud Bali Indonesia

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