Sunday, February 27, 2011


We finally did some diving with just over a week left in our trip. We went with a small outfit run by a very speedy Frenchman. We were joined by three other French boys, one who dove with us, the others content to snorkel.

Out little rickety long boat brought us to the first site, Coral Garden, where we learned to put all our gear on in the water. A new method for us. We usually get everything on then flop off the boat. We have never dove outside of the Caribbean and it was nice to see different types of underwater life not found on the other side of the world.

We were honestly not overly impressed with the first dive. With no current to flow with we ended up going a small distance and backtracking over the same area. It was still nice and part of what makes it so special here is when you emerge from the sea you are blessed with an amazing view of the great karst cliffs rising out of the water.

The boat took us to a small bay with steep walls surrounding the aqua green pool where we had lunch and played in the water before heading out to the second dive site. If the first dive was not impressive the second one made up for it. Great schools of fish from tiny flashing minnows to huge groups of Jackfish were swarming the area. You could just spin around in the same spot and be completely entertained by all the movement. Asiana and I agreed that this dive was one of the best we have had in years.

Out next stop we Maya Bay on Phi Phi Lei Island - the spot made famous from the movie "The Beach". I suppose it is possible that there is a more scenic beach on the earth, but I have no idea what element would improve such a perfect place. No need for more words here to try and describe such a stunning site.

As our boat pulled away we were gifted with being able to witness the sunset over the water. The day was much more than a couple of dives. It was a full tour of paradise ending with a bit of rum on the beach watching some very talented fire dancers followed by an early retirement into the bungalow and deep sleep.

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