Thursday, February 17, 2011


I falsely blogged when I previously wrote that nobody was trying to sell you anything here. Every other guy on the street is interested in supplying you with a ride. They might call out taxi and I've head tuk-tuk without seeing any around, but the best one is "transport". And they all mean the same thing. Either they want to give you a lift on their motorbike or they hope you will rent it from them. It seems extra funny when everything in this town is pretty much in walking distance. It must be a universal thing in Asia - "you want rickshaw?". I think they even recognize the absurdity of it here. Across the street I hear the call for "transport" along with this driving motion done with their arms and I throw them a smile that says "are you kidding me?" and they start cracking up is if they know their lazy attempt is nothing but silly. I started messing with them and running over saying, "really? I can get taxis here? my place is a full two blocks away. I can really get transportation?". They get it. They found it all funny. But they still do it. Must be hardwired in their nervous system. I might save my breath from a hundred no-thank-yous if I just rented a motorbike and scooted down those few blocks.

Location:Ubud Bali

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