Sunday, February 27, 2011

Doing Absolutely Nothing on the Beach

If there is a place to be lazy, it's on the beach. Most beaches will do, but PP Island helps you do nothing while making you completely enjoy it to the upmost.

The bay is extremely shallow making the tide extraordinarily obvious. At 7am it was empty of water where you could walk out a couple hundred meters before getting wet. By noon it was full of blue-green shallows. No surf at all. It's really not the kind of ocean you play in. This leads one to do even more nothing than you would at most beaches. The only time you hit the water was to cool off in the afternoon heat. The morning water was so shallow it was like sitting in a salty hot tub. Not cooling at all.

If you are not playing in the water then you just sit there, headphones dishing out your random iPod tunes, pick up your current book, read a few pages, lay down, cook in the sun, cool off in the water, read a few more pages, stare into the ocean, think about stuff, think deep thoughts, think about stupid ridicules shit...

That was our day on the beach at PP Island. The biggest difference was that this experience was loaded with visual stimulation that is unbeatable. If the green-sea-white-beach-tall-cliff view was not enough to gaze at, then the young-athletic-super-tan-bodies spilled all over the beach are sure to make you keep at least one eye open. I think there a many beaches that the majority of the people would look "healthier" is they cover up more - not this beach. Sexy beach - sexy crowd.

We couldn't have been in a better place to do nothing. We'll do something tomorrow.

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