Monday, February 7, 2011

Sweet VV

Another six hours of winding through the mountains of Laos brought us to the small town of Vienvieng (VV). This one street village is flanked by a small river in the shadow of magnificent Karst cliffs. The view from anywhere in town is great, but we may have found the best view from our room. We checked into a stilted standalone hut with a porch and hammock across a walking bridge from town. It is most likely the greatest accommodation we've had on our trip.

VV is loaded with young travelers here to both party and relax. This is the highest ratio of westerners to area that we have encountered.The majority of these adventure seekers seem to come from down under. There are nature hikes, kayaking, mountain biking, caves and waterfalls to visit, but the main attraction is tubing down the river... tubing down the river and getting blind drunk while visiting the many makeshift bars serving various concoctions. Some of these "happy drinks" are mixed with more than just Lao whiskey.

VV is what Goa is to India... this is a breathtaking place loaded with Caucasians being catered to by the locals.

We will be hitting the river tomorrow, for I am of the belief that reliving 19 year old rites of passages help me retain my youth. ???

Location:Vienvieng Laos

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