Thursday, February 3, 2011

Room surfing

Upon our late evening arrival to LP a few nights ago after the long bus trip we did the room-search-promenade. We have watched this ever evening when new recruits pull into the city. Packs of people going door to door with monster bags on their back and dragging roller luggage up and down the streets, in and out of guest houses and hotels making a nightly parade. Most of the places are full and many others are pricey.

After twenty stops we found cheap place with a shared bathroom that we settled on for the first night. It was a small box with a shared bathroom, but I was done walking and interested in getting a large BeerLao.

The next day we moved to a nicer joint with it's own facilities and a balcony. Unfortunately, it was a loud room over the street. The noise was compounded by fireworks over the last few nights. Even though Laos celebrates it's new year in April, there are plenty folks here who are setting off large, possibly home made, fireworks for the Chinese new year. These are not little firecrackers - I suspect half sticks of dynamite.

We moved to another room in the same guest house, but off the street in the back with a little courtyard. We are paying about a dollar a kilo to get our laundry done and I am a morning regular at the corner soup stand where they pour out two cups of the blackest coffee with sweet cream when they see me heading their way. If there is anything negative about place it is only that it is so far from all the people I love.

Location:LP Laos

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