Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So Long Ubud

Despite getting in late from a concert last night I woke up at 7am. My many days of moving around the island have been great, but I felt like a fifth day flying around on the scooter would be overkill. All of the sudden I had no idea what I wanted to do. I have explored so much of Ubud and I logged an amazing amount of kilometers hitting as much of north and west Bali as a guy can do in so few days. I spent some of my morning writing. I drove out to a village to find a taylor to fix the rip I got in one of my pants. I layer by the pool listening to my iPod. Then moments before checkout time I decided to check out of Ubud. At the rate I was going if I stayed there I was going to do absolutely nothing. Eat, read, catch an early ride to the airport the next day. That probably would have been fine. But I left.

I heard the town, Kuta, was a different world than the rest of Bali. Basically a suburb of Denpasar, it reside just south on the beach near the airport. I was told it was crowded with tourists and surfers and the party goes on all night. I was informed it's hard to find a cheap place, I'd have to deal with a hoard of people trying to sell me shit, and the locals are not friendly Balinese I had come to know. I does have spectacular sunsets and a nice beach with world class surf.

I had my last meal in Ubud at my favorite restaurant out in the rice fields enjoying a refreshing breeze that made the terraced paddies ripple and wave. I picked up my mended garment from the taylor. Turned my beloved scooter in and hopped in a "taksi" (no "K's" on this island) and headed toward the beach.

Most of the two hour taksi ride was in traffic for the last ten kilometers. I almost jumped out to walk, needing to pee badly, but I really did not know where I was and did not feel like humping my paid around I the heat. By the way, I figured that being near the equator, Bali is just hot sly the time. I have heard from many that it's exceptionally hot right now. I was dropped off at ground zero, the spot where the 2002 terrorist bombing took place with very heavy foreign casualties. I took a smaller street toward the beach trying to avoid the pricey hotels. I took the first room I inquired about at a simple cottage a few blocks from they beach.

The coasts I had visited durning the week were mostly rocky and while the scatter beaches had some very interesting black glitter sand, they were not inviting me to kick it on them. The sparkle effect was pretty cool to look at thought there was no way you are going to go barefoot or layout without incinerating yourself completely. In contrast, the beach at Kuta is the kind of beach you want to be a bum on. And that is what everyone is doing. Lots of buff young dudes with low hanging surfer shorts and tan ass cracks and their counter parts all bronze and bleach blond. Nobody bothers to change their attire with in town as the zip around on their scooters with custom made surfboard side racks.

I pulled up a chair by a some older ladies that sold beer out of coolers and watched the surfers and sailboarders work the amazing waves. I brushed off the usual beach vendors selling bracelets, cigarettes, and sunglasses - even I was wearing mine. I could have a half dozen shades racked on my head and they would still try tell me another pair for a "cheap price". Hell, that would probably in courage them.

I put my iPod on shuffle and waited for the sun to set. It looked like the infamous Bali sunset was not going to be a spectacular one on this evening. The sun was hazed out by distant clouds long before it reached the horizon. Yet, the sunset was gorgeous. Part of what made it so amazing was that my iPod randomly played a Bach song, Toccata and Fugue, performed on the organ. I would have not been capable of choosing such powerful tune to escort the sun under the ocean.

It was after the sun had actually set that the sky lit up in brilliant shades of orange. The large waves may not have reflected the colors, but the fifty yards of wet beach stretching out to the ocean acted like a brilliant mirror. For the first time on this trip I am satisfied with the picture I took.

I walked up the main street where the nightlife takes place not interested in really going out, but I thought I at least take a looks. It's pretty much the same as every beach party town. Clubs, bars, and discos are all competing for sound space. At any given spot you are forced to listen to multiple types of music blaring out into the street, Some are thumping club music, others have the live cover bands playing the same old stuff, and way too much Regge. Many have scantily dressed go-go dancers in front trying to coax the beguiled into an establishment. None of it worked on me. I went back to my cottage to get some sleep so I could wake up early and swim in the sea before flying out of Bali.

Location:Kuta Bali

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