Friday, December 10, 2010

Chaos in Delhi

We managed to do what we were warned not to and showed up in Delhi without a plan. Part of the reason was that we thought we have a day to figure it out, but we didn't. (see earlier log)

We thought we would either catch the afternoon flight to Nepal or jump a train to Rishikesh without spending time in Delhi. Missed the flight to Nepal due to circling 20 minutes before landing and another 20 minutes in some sort of Tarmac traffic jam taxing to the gate. "we're in India now.". And the thought of sitting on a long ride was unbearable. So, we wandered yet another airport trying to figure out where to stay for a night.

We were warned not to go anywhere without a distinct destination. In the end we grabbed a taxi to take us to a general part of town near the airport that had a high density of hotels. I don't know what the other parts of Delhi are like but the part of town where we are staying it straight up frickin' nuts.

We wanted extreme - we got extreme!

Location:Delhi India

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