Friday, December 24, 2010


Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world. thought I'd wait until I've spent a few days here before summing up my impressions.

The town lines the edges of the Ganga (Ganges river) bending in a S curve through a valley shrouded by mountains of lush jungle. Outside of the usual street dogs and sacred cows there are monkeys everywhere.

Babas, Seeks, and Swamis with beads and dreadlocks roam the area in their flowing orange or white robes. Except for the occasional monkey squabbles this place is beautifully peaceful. Everyone acknowledges you walking by with a Namaste and a soft gaze of the eye. Even the beggars only ask once and let you past un-hassled.

The music everywhere is extraordinary. Chanting, drums, bells, and horns ring out filling the valley with audio colors. Every shop and eatery has wonderful music softly playing. I wish that I could get every song onto my IPod.

This is a town of meditation, introspection, and healthy living. It's a vegetarians paradise since no meat is server anywhere. The tranquility is backed up by the fact that there is also no alcohol available as well. Although there have been moments when a frosty brew would have hit the spot, I appreciate the lack of drunks getting up in my face.

The Ganga is probably as low as it gets right now and it flows slow, reflecting a light green color. You can see clear to the bottom, which I understand is rare. It is also low tourist season and the small streets are easy to navigate.

It has been a great place for us to sink into India with ease and grace. Much gratitude to have four days hear.

Location:Rishikesh India

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