Tuesday, December 28, 2010

chill in' in Goa

Woke up and had coffee and tea on our veranda watching the crows and dragon flies celebrate the morning over the ocean. Our room was only available for one night and we could not afford it for a second anyway. Prices quadruple the week between Xmas and new years and the Sunburn festival fills this town up. We took a modest room just 50 meters away and proceeded to the beach.

We spent nearly half the day lounging at Pete's beach shack sipping drinks and ordering dishes hourly. The hazy day kept it from getting too hot and it was a wonderful way to do nothing after so much movement through India.

We did some walking up and down the beach as well as a few laps up and down the main street. This place reminds me of what Playa del Carmen was probably like 15 years ago, a simple one street town with small shops, restaurants, and bars. The Portugese influence also gives the area a type of Latin feel.

We joined a very nice and well traveled older British couple for after dinner drinks on the beach where we got a good download about their thoughts and loves of India. It seems like the more you frequent India, the more it grows on you.

Location:Cantolim Goa India

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