Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last Day in Nepal

So, there are a couple temples in this country.

We jumped a bus to Patan this morning to finish our last stop on the Durbar circuit. I guess every major town in Nepal has a Durbar square and we have taken a hotel room right by it in e last two cities. It's a good move if you hope to wake up at 5am by the devotees ringing the large bells and chanting (yelling) their praises to the gods. I have no doubt they were heard.

Again, the number of temples in Patan are uncountable. The detail in the masonry is only outdone by the intricate woodwork lacing the structures. I go a bit numb as Asiana reads the stories and names of the deities from the pamphlets. I can't remember the names or retain their tales. I just get that they represent the many aspects that live within all of us.

It is amazing how we can wander the back street aimlessly and come across the sites suggested by lonely planet. It's like we are magnets (or maybe the site is a magnet) drawn in to see nearly everything the area has to offer. Had we used a map with specific written instructions to find the "Abode of Ten Thousand Buddhas" we would have never been able to locate it, yet meandering down an empty unmarked street it made itself be known.

Tomorrow will be a long day of travel if all goes according to plan. We catch our flight out of Kathmandu to Delhi, try to find our way across the city to the New Delhi train station and get ticket for the night train to Haridwar which is supposed to leave after 9pm and get us there before six the next morning. This plan has us hanging in Delhi with our packs on our back for at least 8 hours.

Thanks Nepal, for such a beautiful and easy journey. The sites were magnificent, the people smiling and friendly, and the food was out of this world... well, it's in this world, but on this side of it.

Location:Patan Nepal

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