Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Schalfen-Fliegen on Air China

Ambien - the only way to travel... at least when you a working with a 13 hour flight. It knocked us out for at least half the flight.

It's the super red eye. Leaving LA after midnight and running away from the sun keeps us in the dark the whole time with one exception, row 52. While the entire plane enjoyed lights off most of the trip, our rows spotlights were permanently shining on us and unfixable. Our section was also loaded with 2 year olds. Naturally, with the lighting, this made our row a kind of Chinese kinder care. Again, I appreciate the Ambien.

Side note: it has been forever since I've had airplane food. No new technological advances have improved this service. Both the 2am (LA time) dinner and the 4am (Bejing time) dinner suffered from no taste and where visually quite scary.

Location:Over the pacific

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