Friday, December 24, 2010

Haridwar to Varanasi

Haridwar is one of the five most sacred cities in India where they hold the Kumba Malya every 12 years along the Ganga. Our bus fro m Rishikesh got us there at 4pm - eight hours before we the train to Varanasi departed.

We did not feel like going far from the train station with our pack strapped to our back and we did not have to. Walking throughout the bizarre lead us to the Ganga just at sunset in time to see people floating candle offerings into the river while music if praises to God rang in the air. As the sun set the nearly full moon rose.

We found a small restaurant that we had all to ourselves where we spent more than three hours snacking, drinking tea, and reading. It was a nice sanctuary and preferable to hanging out at the train station or walking the streets in the dark.

I considered buying a thick blanket after the freezing ride we had on the bus, but I decided that the sleeper train could not possibly be as cold as that bus. I was wrong. It was much colder. Asiana and I truly froze our ass off. We have another long train ride in a few day. Something must be done about the temperature discomfort while using public transportation.

Again, the morning brings smiles and conversation on the train. We are traveling through the farm region of India and I enjoy staring out at the small villages made of mud and grass flow by my window. Each stop bring on vendors selling food and drink of all types.

Location:Haridwar India

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