Friday, December 24, 2010

Delhi Helhi

Okay, Delhi is not hell, but it is Delhi and were were hoping not to have to spend the night there.

Let's take a step back. We arose early to catch our flight out of Kathmandu. We literally had to go through five searches in the airport. One to get in. One after we picked up our tickets (just to get into another room). One to get onto the concourse. Then one to enter our gate. These were full body pat downs and take-everything-out-of-all-your-bags searches. You'd think they were done, but after waiting for the two hour delay and just before climbing up the steps just outside of the plane there was one last one. I know India feels pretty threatened by it's neighbors trying to get through in any way, plus I read they had busted a lot of westerners (mostly Ukrainians) trying to bring large amounts of has out of Nepal. All I was smuggling was dirty clothes.

The flight back to Delhi was even more spectacular than the one in. We flew over the tops of the Himilayas directly west before turning straight south for our descent. It's like we were skipping from peak to peak. Pictures out of an airplane window will never do the scene justice.

We knew that getting train tickets anywhere would be rough in India in the peak travel season and I tried pre-booking tickets online, but had credit/debit card issue I guess. Now in Delhi and wishing to get out we found we could not get a train anywhere for a couple days. Kind of desperate, we ended up working with a local tourist travel agent. We opted to take a "berry nice coach bus, sir" that left at night and would drop us off in Rishikesh at 6am. We thought anything would be better than staying in Delhi. We were wrong... or at least I would guess 50/50.

The travel agents big joke was:
Q: Do you know what INDIA stands for?
A: I'll Never Do It Again!

Ahh, the bus ride - see next blog...

Location:Delhi - Rishikesh

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