Sunday, December 5, 2010

Indigo's 11th Birthday

Early last summer we took Indigo to Strawberry Park Hotspring outside of Steamboat. At the time she decided she wanted to spend her birthday at in the beautiful hot pools in the mountains of northern Colorado with one of her friends. Wow - what a lucky dad!

We spent Saturday laying in the springs while light snowflakes glittered onto our bodies. The pools were cozy and we all jumped into the cold river every 10 minutes. I had never seen a moose in Colorado. There rummaging through the deep powder along the banks of the springs was a year old moose. She showed up intermiterently throughout the day. What an amazing way to spend my last time with my daughter before leaving her so long.

I dropped her off tonight at here moms. I don't know if I have even done anything harder in my live than say goodbye to my youngest daughter. M miss her terribly. I know she wil be with me every step I take. My tears have slowed down, but that knot in my throat is keeping me choked up. Happy Birthday baby - I love you!

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