Saturday, December 11, 2010

First Night in Nepal

Roamed around Thamel (suburb of Kathmandu) just trying to acclimate to the area. Small streets with pedestrians, bikes, motorcycles, and cars pushing and honking to push through the small areas. Overwhelming - yes! Exciting - yes!

We are staying at Kathmandu Prince Hotel in Chhetrapati on the fringe of Thamel. We paid the extra for a room with a balcony making it an expensive $22 an night. The staff is super friendly.

When out and had dinner at a rooftop restaurant, Festival Restaurant, overlooking the chaos. We ordered a couple of dishes based on the price and we were shocked at how much food shows for for a $3 meal. It was absolutely delicious.

Managed to get lost wandering the streets back to the hotel. Didn't have a map but it wouldn't matter since there are no street signs. It was not stressful as I love getting lost in new places. Found our way home eventually.


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