Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last Day in Goa

We spent our last day here like the others. We made travel and hotel arrangements for our next leg of the trip. I got a foot message on the beach. We saw a cluster of dolphins playing a hundred meters off shore.

There was a lot of reading and sunning time interrupted by the occasional ladies selling the same sarongs, jewelry, and shirts, children selling fruit, men selling cd's and books, and a few disfigured beggars and poor mothers with infants looking for handouts. When moving through the cities you can walk by and keep moving, but not on the beach. I found that the vest you can do is completely ignore them or at most glance up and shake your head no. Opening your mouth saying 'no thanks' is enough for them to think they have a nibble. It almost guarantees they will stand there and ask for a few more minutes.

I understand the way these economies work. There is no social security or government subsidies to help the poor. The rich do give donations to the unfortunate individual. It is their social system and is necessary. I would guess that without sharing the wealth int his way there would be more crime.

I have given a few bits to some of the children on the street, but giving anything here on the beach is asking to be swarmed the whole time. If I didn't ignore them my relaxation wouldn't be relaxing at all.

There is a huge cargo ship that has been beached here for years giving what otherwise would be a normal beach scene in intestine surreal look. The porange (pink-orange) sun setting each night never reaches the top of the water due to the thick distant mist over the Arabian sea.

I figured that our travels would leave us places longer than we planned. Our aggressive 'trytinary' would probably not work perfectly according to any plans and I knew that at the beginning. We would have not really stayed here as long, but due to tricky train and bus schedules we had the opportunity to get some extra beach time. If you have to be stranded in India, the Goan beach is not a bad place to get your wheels stuck.

Location:Goa India

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