Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No Trance Dance

As fireworks shoot up over the ocean for the finale, I thought to myself - I can't believe that I'm in Goa when one of the biggest 3 day Trance Dance Fests are going down just a short stroll down the beach and I didn't go.

This place is world famous for these and neither of us were moved attend. I go to them in the states sometimes at greater cost and effort. That's not why I came out here, but I usually end up doing things because I can and for three days I assumed that at one point I would give in to that urge.

We did spend an hour at one of the hundreds of shacks that thread the line between the beach and town watching the lights and listening to both stages. I cannot say I was impressed with what I heard, but you can't judge a whole festival by just a couple set with some cheesey tracks.

After a few beers at the bar next to it we walked up to a sand dune that overlooked the show perfectly. The show was full, the music was loud, and the crowd was thumping. It looked like fun and I thought - maybe we should go tomorrow. Being that there was only a half hour before it ended we walked past it and made our way to a second story roof top patio so we could witness the amped up crowd all file through the one small road onto the main road.

Our timing was perfect and we got front row seat to watch the chaos right at the bottleneck. I find India to be chaotic in general so I was not going to miss a couple thousand raver's make their exit largely in foot, scooters, and motorcycles with just enough car to block everything up like bricks packed with mortar.

We basically got the whole show minus actually being there. Yet, being there is really what counts when you are in the middle of a high energy crowd dancing, sweating, and celebrating with everyone. As much as we enjoy that energy, we will be taking a bus out of here with joining and celebrating new years in a distant quiet town of ruins with a population of only one thousand.

I see that I was able to do what I felt like doing and not what I thought I should do just because it's there. I will probably still tend to say "yes" to most things, but things I want to do... and now my mom will think I'm finally out of that crazy "stage" I started when I was sixteen.

Location:Goa India

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