Monday, December 27, 2010

Mumbai Day 2

Arose late after chatting all night on Ishwars terrace. We ended up walking through Mumbai for over 7 hours. It was Christmas day and Saturday and you could feel the city was enjoying their leisure time with family and friends.

The parks were filled with games of Cricket and the weather obliged being comfortably hot. (It's hot and muggy here, but as nice really ever gets). We found our way to the large curved bay known as "the Queens Necklace" and walked the entire promenade until reaching Chowpatty beach. From there we hike upward toward some greenery we spotted and made our way to the top of Malabar Hill. The top of the hill overlooked Mumbai and was home to Pherozshah Mehta Gardens (Hanging Gardens) and Kamala Nehru Park.

By the time we hiked down the other side, the sun was starting to set. We went to another park at the edge of the ocean and watched the sun go down over the Arabian Sea bringing a beautiful close to our Christmas day in Bombay.

We got a surprise visit from Santa while enjoying dinner at a small restaurant near our hotel. He was giving out candy which we then gave to the children of the nearby slums while walking home. There were was a family with two kids where we ate and the kids spent a lot of time practicing their english with us and showing us their Xmas gifts. Made me a bit homesick missing my family on Christmas.

Location:Mumbai India

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