Monday, December 13, 2010

Sun Rising on Everest

A soft tap on our door meant we had 15 minutes to get up and watch the sun rise. A short walk up the hill behind our hotel to a stupa was all we had to do to see yet another moving sight. One by one, the peaks of the Himilayas started to glow until the orange sun spilled over the mountains.

I have been traveling for a week now and have only missed one sunrise. There is no reason to miss a moment of light.

Note on Everest: I don't mean to be deceiving. It is not like Everest is towering over us. Many of the peaks are, but from where we are Everest is a tiny nub off in the distance dominated by closer mountains... but we see it. So there!

From 2011-01-11 xillas

Location:Nargarkot Nepal

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