Monday, December 13, 2010

Dinner with the Nuns

Evening turned into a social event with the rest of the guests at our hotel, Eco-Home. There was a center fire built where everyone gathered before eating. There was another group of guests joining Asiana and I. There were four ladies from Malaysia and two American from Reno, all whom worked in the medical profession in some capacity. They were joined by three Buddhist nuns originally from Tibet now living in Nepal. They were just finishing two week visit with the nuns teaching them various health practices and medicine.

Our tim around the fire was filled with singing and games. We played musical chairs and the person left without a seat had to sing, dance, or tell a joke. Upon coming op chair less I serenaded the group with Elvis's "Can't help falling on love..." They did their best to keep me singing into the evening.

Every day the food gets better and better. I cannot imagine what it would take to top this meal.


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