Friday, December 24, 2010

Rishikesh Day 3

Got up at 5:40 am on accident because my clock was wrong. The intent was to be up for the 7am meditation. After laying around we got up again, but the mediation was not happening. Oh well.

I went to the 8am beginners Yoga class then walked around town he having chai and taking with the other foreigners i met while Asiana took the harder 9:30 yoga class.

We took the long jaunt to the south end of town and spent a good part of the day wondering around the ruins of the old Maharishi Ashram where the Beatles had spent some time.

The ashram has been abandoned for quite a while and the jungle has over taken it. It was fun to imagine what it w like in the day. The compound must have been magical. Knowing the Beatles came up with many of their songs for the White Album if was impossible not to hum their tunes while walking through.

I feel like I've gone through this area so much in the pat few days and I feel very at home. I recognize the babas and the chai salesmen and have gotten use to visiting them and joining them for a chat when strolling by. I think this place has gotten use to me too... at least the locals, the Indian tourists still think I'm a site and we get asked to get our picture taken with them.

We are leaving tomorrow and although a bit said to leave this haven of peace I think I'll be ready to roll. I plan on joining the Kirtan
singing this evening that I have heard each evening across the river and tomorrow morning I am scheduled to have an hour Sitar lesson.

Location:Rishikesh India

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