Friday, December 24, 2010

Long Train to Bombay

We jumped a 26 hour train to Bombay. The city has been renamed to Mumbai, but since the locals still call it Bombay so will I. I think it has a more exotic ring to it anyway.

We got the best sleeper class this line has to offer which is to say it has air condition. After the last freezing trip was not sure that is what we needed, but this class supplied sheets, blankets, and pillows. The a/c was on and it was nice because the car was fairly stuffy.

No matter how comfortable the class is there is nothing to be done about the noise the Indian families generate. Westerners would consider their behavior completely inconsiderate if not downright obnoxious. Phones ring ever couple minutes and the following conversations toke place in the same high volumed barking we would save for heated arguments. The lights would get turned on and off all throughout the night and the kids were allowed to scream and shout at their mothers ordering them at their whims.

It's pointless to get mad and a waste of energy to think it could be anything different. This is the way they are. They accept it about each other and I have to accept it about them. These thing are easier to say now that the sun is up, we are not trying to sleep, and we are a couple hours from our destination. I think I might even be getting use to it. I did sleep and in my dream I was witnessing a noisy argument in Mexico I guess my brain in dream state turned Hindi into Spanish.


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