Monday, December 13, 2010

Nagarkot with a View

We took a taxi out of Kathmandu with the intention to stay in a small rural village called Sankhu to take a breather from the city. Sankhu has only one small cottage to stay at and upon arrival we found that it was completely booked for a local wedding reception. Our change of plans took us to at the hilltop village of Nagarkot famous for it's sunrise and sunset views of the Himilayas. The three hours journey was a wonderful tour of the greater valley where all the farming takes place. It was a big climb up, even for a car. The is nothing here except the view and that is all we wanted. We had a beer and a small lunch at "The End of the Universe" while gazing at indescribable peaks and then took a long walk. Very peaceful here. Heading out to watch the sun bath the Himilayas while it sets.

From 2011-01-11 xillas

Location:Nagarkot Nepal

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