Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Still Chillin' in Goa

Today looked similar to yesterday except is was hotter and rather than sitting are the table of the Pete's Shack we layer on the beach chairs in front of it.

I found a beat up shredded copy of Shantarm. It's so badly warn one really couldn't read it due to the lack of the first and last couple hundred missing pages. I happen to be near page 400 in a 900 page book so it suited me well not to have to read from my iPad on the beach.

The three day Sunburn festival is happening just down the beach, but unlike the gatherings we go to in the States where the music goes on night and day, they are only allowed to start at noon and quit by ten. They only allow 2000 people at a time in the dance area and there are twenty police stationed there. This show is tight security making sure it does not disrupt or cause chaos for all the northern European retired folks that stay here all winter. It's ironic that I appreciate not having to to be annoyed by it. We would probably go in one night to check it out (I guess all the Bollywood stars are there) except the price is the cost of our departure.

We arranged a bus to Hampi where we will be spending three days including new years. From there we have arranged a train to Banglore where we'll jump a quick flight to Kochi to spend our last dsys in India floating the backwaters. We have another day on the beach tomorrow getting our strength up, or just being lazy, before the next big travel push.

Location:Goa India

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